Residential Services

New building construction, renovations, maintenance and repairs are some of the commercial services we provide. Our Master Electrician has over 25years experience including commercial construction and maintenance. We are licensed, insured and often provide “vulnerable sector” police/criminal record checks for our clients for high security, child care, health care and other sensitive facilities.

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Design, installation and tenant improvements for New Spruce Grove commercial building…
“the land owner didn’t provide an actual Engineered set of drawings. He wanted to provide the main service to the building, tenant service panels, some outdoor lighting and basic power and lighting for each bay. We reviewed the floor plan and provided main service, house power and lighting and tenant space sketches. The proposal was accepted and we went to work. We submitted a New Commercial Application to Fortis Alberta, obtained our permit from the City of Spruce Grove and went to work. We provided tenant improvement work to suit new tenant requirements and continue to provide ongoing maintenance and upgrades.”


Engineered Duct Bank for commercial office buildings…“the general contractor had never provided such extensive trenching for electrical including 4 600A 600V services, switching cubicle, and communications. This was a big project for us as well, requiring a lot of manpower we didn’t readily have available. We consulted with the Engineer, Epcor Commercial Services, and the owners to provide a complete solution. The completed construction was energized and operates normally.


Parking Receptacles and new service for Commercial Parking Lot…
” after working all day at -20 our employees want to go home, and I don’t have time to be boosting their vehicles all day. We need reliable plugs for block heaters..” All we had to work with was an old 100A temporary service and a chain link fence. We installed the underground feeder to a new parking panel, installed brackets to support conduits and boxes along the fence. The drivers are happy and no more boosting. A temperature control system to alternate load during cold periods was proposed and we look forward to installing before next Winter.


New Control panels with remote I/O’s, temperature & humidity sensors, 480V distribution for VFD ventilation, weather station, user interface, and basic lighting and power for Agricultural product storage…” we were already on site when we were asked to look at a new Mooij Agro ventilation system required. The new building was pre-wired but no provision for the mass of sensors and power wiring was provided. We installed the main control panel and remote I/O’s and comm bus, completed the 480V distribution for ventilation including a rush delivery from the US for a step-up transformer and got the control wiring installed through the attic. At first terminating and testing the instruments was a little..”dutch” but with help from our technician who arrived early, the system started up like a charm.